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Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

You can request information on Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 and Florida Medicare Supplemental insurance in your own local area by entering your home ZIP code in the box at the top of this page. If you have questions or would like help signing up, be sure to give us a call.

Florida Medicare Advantage Plans vs. Medigap

Florida Medicare Advantage plans are not the same as Medicare supplements. This is a quick comparison of the essential differences between Florida Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare supplements:

  • A supplement works with original Medicare to fill in the gaps for things that Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B do not fully cover.
  • An MA plan becomes your new insurance policy, and you will use your private plan card instead of your Medicare card when you get health services.
  • Both supplements and MA plans are marketed by private insurers and regulated by both your state and Medicare.

The right choice for you really does depend upon your budget, preferences, and location. For example, you can find Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 all over the state, but you will find that they are different in various regions, counties, and even ZIP codes. Differences may include the price, coverage levels, and even the exact benefits that they provide. Of course, many MA plans rely upon a network of medical providers, and affiliated doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and therapists will vary by your area.

Best Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans in 2019

There are 3,527,830 Medicare recipients in Florida. Consider some interesting statistics about plan preferences in different areas from a spotlight produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2013:

  • Of the 405,000 recipients in Miami-Dade County, which includes Miami and Hialeah, 57 percent enrolled in a Florida Medicare Advantage plan.
  • In Broward County, which includes Fort Lauderdale, 51 percent of the 272,000 eligible seniors signed up for MA.
  • Only thirty-five percent of recipients in Palm Beach County enrolled in MA plans.

The differences might be because of the average recipient’s budgets, preferences, or available networks in different counties. While Medicare Advantage plans in Florida typically have lower premiums, and some even require no additional premium, Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 might help reduce potential out-of-pocket costs more.

Medicare Beneficiaries by County

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid, CMS, provides information about the number of Medicare recipients by Florida county.

These are some 2012 enrollment figures for some other major counties in the state:

  • Duval County, which includes Jacksonville, has 138,334 beneficiaries.
  • Orange County, which contains Orlando, has 155,106 beneficiaries.
  • Hillsborough County, which contains Tampa Bay, has 199,714 beneficiaries.
  • Pinellas County, which contains St. Petersburg, has 225,337 beneficiaries.
  • Leon County, which contains Tallahassee, has 35,741 beneficiaries.

Compare Medicare Options in Florida

You can find Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 statewide, and these include both Medicare Advantage and supplements. However, the choices available in Miami and Hialeah may be different than the choices available to residents of Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, or even Pensacola. Additionally, any comparison of the variety of plans available in your local area will uncover some that suit your needs and budget better.

For example, relatively healthy and active seniors who live in an area with good network coverage might be perfectly satisfied with a PPO or HMO. Seniors with severe or chronic health condition may save money by choosing a plan with higher premiums but more comprehensive coverage.

Plans are available on a county by county basis:

  • Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Regional PPO Plan
  • Blue Medicare Local PPO
  • Blue Medicare LifeTime HMO
  • Blue Medicare MyTime HMO
  • Blue Medicare Preferred HMO
  • Florida Blue Medicare Supplement Plans

Shop Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plan in 2019

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