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The Basics of Medicare Part B

The Medicare and You hand book can tell you a lot about your benefits, but these are some basic things to know about part B:

  • Premiums: Most people pay a Part B premium, and this is $104.90 right now. Some people with higher incomes might pay more, and there are programs to help lower income people afford their premiums.
  • Penalties: Eligible people who do not sign up when they are first eligible might have to pay a late penalty.
  • Additional coverage: You need both Medicare Part A and Part B in order to qualify for Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans.

Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans

Florida Blue used to be called Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, and this company offers a variety of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans and Medicare supplements all over the state. A comparison of Florida Blue Medicare insurance policies will reveal options for all sorts of state residents.

Florida Blue options include:

  • Network health plans: HMO and PPO MA plans available in certain counties.
  • Medicare supplements: Medicare supplement policies.
  • Prescriptions: Part D prescription drug coverage is offered separately and included in some MA plans.

How to Find the Best Medicare Insurance?

The right choice really depends upon your local area, your health needs, and your budget for medical expenses. For example, individuals who live in an area with a very extensive provider network might be happy with an HMO plan. Others may prefer the flexibility of a PPO or supplement. It is also important to know that some plans are statewide, but others are only offered in certain cities or regions.

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