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Florida Blue Medicare

Florida Blue Medicare plans come from a company that has been helping people of this state access medical care since before World War II ended. The company evolved from both a local company and the oldest national health insurance company in the United States, Blue Cross. As time passed, the company has evolved even more to meet the changing needs of its customers and successive generations. As it has for the past 70 years, Florida Blue focuses on Florida consumers and leads the healthcare industry with innovation.

We are proud to offer all kinds of Florida Blue Medicare plans. If you’d like to find your local choices, you can enter your home ZIP code in the quote box on the top of the page or call our toll-free phone number. Either way, you can get help making the best use of your valuable health benefits.

What Plans does Florida Blue Medicare Offer?

Florida Blue used to be Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, and it’s fine if people still call the company this older and respected name. While more and more people are flocking to Medicare Advantage plans, this company still develops and markets many choices of Medicare Supplement plans and standalone Blue Medicare prescription drug plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans

This company offers a range of Florida Medicare Advantage plans options with different networks of health providers in various parts of the state. These range from low-cost local HMOs to national PPOs that give members access to top health providers all over the United States. Of course, domestic emergency care is covered by every plan. This choice of plans gives local Medicare beneficiaries many choices in order to find just the right solution for their own needs and budget.

These are the kinds of Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans networks to compare:

  • Regional PPO
  • Local PPO
  • MyTime HMO
  • LifeTime HMO
  • PrimeTime HMO

Medicare Supplement Plans

Florida Medicare Supplement plans, also called Medigap plans, cover the “gaps” in original Medicare for deductibles, coinsurance, and in some cases, things that Medicare does not pay for at all. All supplements in Florida conform to the standard levels and benefits that have been laid out by CMS, or the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. Typically, the deeper and broader coverage than a plan provider, the higher the premiums. However, there are also some cost-sharing options that provide broad coverage at a cheaper rate.

These are the standard plan levels marketed by Florida Blue Medicare:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • F
  • G
  • K
  • L
  • M
  • N

Note that all plan levels might not be available in all areas. Florida Blue, like all Medicare Supplement companies, has to market plan A in an area that they market supplements in. They also have to market either plan F or C, and these are the two most popular choices for Medicare Supplements in the country. Beyond that, insurers could choose to omit some coverage levels from some service areas.

How Can I Compare Florida Blue Medicare Plans?

Floridians have many choices when it becomes time to make good use of Medicare benefits. Florida Blue provides a wide range of Medigap, Medicare Advantage plans and Part D prescription plans in this state. Choices are good, but it can be difficult to predict exactly which benefits will provide a better choice over the next year or even the next several years. We hope to make this decision as easy as possible.

With our simple quote form, you simply need to put your home ZIP code in the box to get started. If you prefer, you are also welcome to contact a live representative with our toll-free phone number. By combining Internet technology and personal service, we hope to offer as many Floridians as possible the widest choice of Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans.