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Florida Blue Medicare Advantage MyTime HMO

If you are comparing Florida Blue Medicare plan options and would like to control your medical costs, you might consider the Florida Blue Medicare Advantage MyTime HMO. No matter which of the Florida Blue Medicare plans you choose, you can be sure you will get your healthcare needs taken care of by a consumer-driven company with a history of seven decades of providing quality care for Floridians.

One easy way to request information on all of the Florida Blue Medicare plans is to enter your ZIP code in the box on this page. We are your gateway to finding the best Medicare insurance for yourself or a Medicare beneficiary in your family. To take advantage of supplements or Medicare Advantage, you need to qualify for Medicare part A and Medicare part B.

The Florida Blue Medicare Advantage MyTime HMO

There are a number of Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans to choose from. For example, one of the PPO networks might help you enjoy more flexibility because you do not need referrals and can still get covered service outside of the plan providers. However, these are some advantages of the Florida Medicare Blue MifeTime HMO:

  • Lower premiums
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs for members

On the other hand, some disadvantages of the Florida Blue Medicare MyTime HMO when compared to the PPO include:

  • Referrals for specialists required
  • Covered services almost always restricted to the network
  • Not available statewide

HMOs almost always lock members into using plan providers. There are some exceptions made for emergency care or other rare instances. With a PPO, plan members can get covered services outside of plan providers, but they will cost more. On the other hand, Medicare supplement plans don’t even use a network, so they may allow policyholders to enjoy access to a greater variety of doctors. But supplemental insurance does not include a prescription D plan, and drug coverage has to get purchased on its own.

Learn More About Florida Blue Medicare Advantage MyTime HMO Options

There isn’t one best plan for every Medicare beneficiary. However, we can help you with Florida Blue Medicare Advantage, Medigap plans, part D, and even health insurance for your whole family. All you have to do to learn more is enter your ZIP code in our convenient online Medicare insurance quote form. If you prefer, you can also call our toll-free phone number for help from an agent. We work hard to help Floridians find affordable Medicare insurance.