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Florida Blue Medicare Advantage PrimeTime HMO

One of the many great things about retiring in the Sunshine State is the large choice of Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans. For older folks who qualify for both Medicare part A and Medicare part B, an Advantage plan from this important health insurance company can help manage costs and ensure access to quality medical providers. For those beneficiaries who are particularly concerned about keeping both premiums and costs low, the Florida Blue Medicare PrimeTime HMO might be a good solution.

We are Secure Health Options, a Florida agency that is licensed and appointed to help local people choose the best Florida Blue Medicare plans. If you would like us to help you, just enter your ZIP code in the quote form or give us a call.

Florida Blue Medicare PrimeTime HMO

Before you choose the best way to maximize your Medicare benefits, you should compare plan networks. For example, the PrimeTime HMO has the following advantages over an Advantage PPO:

  • Lower monthly rates
  • Lower potential out-of-pocket costs

On the other hand, a Florida Blue PPO Advantage plan has the following advantages:

  • No referrals needed
  • Freedom to get covered services out of the plan network
  • Statewide plans available in all Florida counties

Of course, some beneficiaries may elect to compare Florida Blue Medicare Supplement plans. Medigap plans do not rely on a network at all, so policy owners can access health providers all over the United States. However, they also don’t include a prescription D plan, so you also need to purchase drug coverage. Typically, supplemental insurance costs more than Advantage, but it helps some beneficiaries enjoy more predictable benefits and more freedom to choose their health care providers.

We Want to Help You Choose Florida Blue Medicare Plans

Floridians have several great choices when it comes to Medicare Advantage plans. As a local Florida health insurance agency, we are here to help you make the right thing. There is not one right option for every Medicare recipient, but we can help you explore useful options based upon your healthcare needs, budget, and preferences.

To request information on the Florida Blue Medicare PrimeTime HMO, just enter your local ZIP code in the quote box on this page. You are also very welcome to call us via our toll-free phone number. We work hard to help as many Floridians as possible enjoy affordable access to quality healthcare.