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Compare The Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

medicare advantage plans floridaThe state also offers a very good choice of the best Medicare Advantage plans in Florida, so retirees can enjoy their health benefits as they soak up the sun.

Florida Blue also offers one of the largest provider networks in the state, so you can be sure to find good doctors and hospitals. You can begin requesting quotes and plans by entering your ZIP code at any time. If you have questions, you are welcome to call us and ask to speak with a licensed Florida agent.

Stats on the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

For your information, we have provided some quick facts about Floridians who receive Medicare benefits. This might be helpful because your choice of Medicare Advantage plans in Florida, or even Part D might depend upon where you live.

These are large Florida cities with the greatest number of Medicare beneficiaries and many Medicare Advantage plans, Part D plans, and supplements to choose from:

  • Miami-Dade population: 399,457
  • Jacksonville population: 821,784
  • Orlando population: 238,300
  • Tampa Bay population: 335,709
  • St. Petersburg population: 244,769
  • Tallahassee population: 181,376
  • Pensacola population: 52,340
  • Palm Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale

Don’t worry if you live in a small town or rural area because we have the ability to find you the best Medicare Advantage plans in any Florida ZIP code.

Best Types of Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

Consider some different Blue Medicare choices open to Floridians:

  • Medicare supplement plans: These work with original Medicare to pay for many medical expenses that Part A and B don’t cover or don’t totally cover.
  • HMO and PPO Medicare Advantage plan: These actually replace Part A and B, but must provide benefits that are as good or better.
  • Part D prescription drug plans: Some MA plans already have Part D included, but they don’t have to. Supplements don’t include them either. If you choose a plan that does not include Part D, you will have to purchase a separate drug policy.

What to Know About Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

National and statewide PPO: With statewide Medicare Advantage plans, you will enjoy belonging to the largest network of doctors, hospitals, and specialists in the state. Some plans even give you access to the national Blue Cross network, and this works out well if you travel a lot.

Regional PPO: However, a regional PPO might be a cost-effective choice if you live in an area with an established network of providers. You still have the option to get covered services outside of the network, and you just have to pay somewhat more. This might be the right choice if you need to watch your budget, don’t expect to travel a lot, and can find your favorite doctors and hospitals on local health provider networks.

Who qualifies for Medicare Advantage plans in Florida: Typically, you must already have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B to enroll in a supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.

Compare the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

Dozens of companies want to compete for your business, and even Florida Blue offers several different choices. However, your best Medicare Advantage plan choice might depend upon your location, health needs, travel habits, preference for doctors, and budget.