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Medicare Advantage Plans in Jacksonville, Florida

Are you a Jacksonville Medicare recipient who needs to decide between Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement insurance to maximize your benefits, get convenient access to the right doctors, and save money? If so, you should know that you can find Medicare Advantage Plans in Jacksonville, Florida.

Plans to suit the needs and preferences of just about every resident, and these include both a variety of Medicare Advantage Plans in Jacksonville, Florida (MA) and supplemental policies.
At Secure Health Options, we hope to help every Medicare beneficiary find the best solution for their unique situation. Be sure to call us directly if you have any questions or need help enrolling or locating a plan.

Duval County Medicare Beneficiary Statistics

Jacksonville is the largest city in Duval County, and this county also includes Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Baldwin. These are some facts about Medicare recipients in the county from the 2012 Census QuickFacts and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid:

  • Total County population: 885,855
  • Percentage of county residents over 65: 11.9
  • Number of county Medicare Beneficiaries: 138,334

Compare Jacksonville, FL Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medicare Supplement Insurance

Even though both Medicare Advantage Plans in Jacksonville, Fl, and Medicare Supplements are intended to help seniors control their health costs, they work differently. When you enroll in MA, you will use your new insurance to access medical benefits. Medicare Supplements work with original Medicare to cover health services that Part A and B don’t cover. Typically, supplements cost more but may eliminate or substantially reduce the risk of having any out-of-pocket costs. Florida Medicare Advantage Plans in Jacksonville are cheaper, and some do not even require any additional premium, but members may have more co-pays and deductibles.

Additionally, many popular Medicare Advantage Plans in Jacksonville, FL use a network of medical providers to help members save money. These are two common types of MA plans:

  • HMO: You almost always have to choose a network provider to get your bills covered.
  • PPO: You save money when you use the network, but you can get covered services outside of the network.

Your own best choice depends upon the plan networks, your budget, and the way you prefer to access health services like doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies. Use our quote form to request Florida Medicare Advantage Plans in Jacksonville information and let us know if you have any questions.