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Medicare Advantage Plans in Palm Beach County Florida

With over half a million Medicare recipients contained in a relatively small area, many local people are interested in Florida Medicare Advantage plans in Palm Beach County, Florida. Florida Blue Medicare plans are a popular choice for residents of West Palm Beach. This company evolved from Blue Cross, the oldest medical insurance provider in the United States, and it boasts of the largest provider network in the entire state.

We are a leading resource on all types of Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans in Palm Beach County Florida for seniors, young adults, and even children.

Palm Beach, Florida Quick Facts

You might find these statistics about local Medicare recipients impressive:

  • Number of Medicare Beneficiaries in Palm Beach County: 292,308
  • County population: 1,372,171
  • Percentage in Palm Beach 65 and over: 22.5%
  • Percentage in Florida 65 and over: 18.7%
  • Medicare-eligible hospital admissions per year: Over 40,000 *
  • The average length of Medicare-eligible hospital stay is five days *

* This is from a 2012 County Health Assessment.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Palm Beach County, Florida

Original Medicare helps pay medical bills for hundreds of thousands of county residents, but Part A and B do not pay for everything. Meanwhile, Medicare Advantage Plans in Palm Beach County Florida replace original Medicare with a policy that must be as good or better than the original plan, and many beneficiaries find that these plans help them control their medical expenses.

Florida Blue offers HMO and PPO plans in the state. Some have regional networks that will be local to people in West Palm Beach, Florida. Others provide statewide, national, and sometimes, even international networks.

As you may already know, members of an HMO almost always have to use the network to get their services covered. PPO members may choose to step outside the network, but it will cost more. Typically, people are happy with their Medicare Advantage Plan in Palm Beach County Florida when they are satisfied with the network. Florida Blue Medicare plans rely upon the largest network in Florida, and some of them can even use a national network with limited international travel benefits.

Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans in Palm Beach County Florida

Florida Blue also offers Medicare Supplements in West Palm Beach, Florida. Supplements work with Part A and Part B to extend coverage and pay deductibles and coinsurance. There are different levels of Medicare Supplements, and the right one might depend upon your budget and health condition.

Florida Blue Part D in West Palm Beach

Florida Blue includes Part D prescription coverage in most of its Advantage plans, but this is not a requirement for MA. Supplements do not include Part D. However, Florida Blue also offers stand-alone Part D in this county.

Which Medicare Advantage Plan in Palm Beach County Florida is Best?

Every recipient needs to figure out which local plan helps them control their health costs and gain access to the right doctors and hospitals. The right solution might depend upon the local plan network, the recipient’s budget, and the beneficiary’s health needs.

We try to make it easy to compare Medicare insurance plans by offering help to our visitors so that can get information on Medicare Advantage Plans in Palm Beach County Florida. You simply need to enter your local ZIP code in the online form to get started. If you need more help, contact us and ask to speak with a licensed and experienced senior health insurance agent. We hope to help many West Palm Beach Medicare beneficiaries find the right health insurance solution.