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Medicare Advantage Plans in St. Petersburg Florida

Looking for a way to make the most of your Medicare Advantage Plans in St. Petersburg Florida can be challenging. St. Petersburg, Florida is a popular retirement destination, and as a senior citizen in Pinellas County, you should have plenty of choices. But you need to compare the premiums, benefits, potential out-of-pocket costs, and doctors on the network before you can make a good decision.

Sometimes you need to make that decision fairly quickly. For example, the Kansas Health Institute reported that United Health Care and Baycare Health System terminated an agreement in 2012. Some plan members wanted to keep their health care providers, so they had to look for another Medicare Advantage Plan in St. Petersburg Florida that included Baycare Health System. Some of them decided to choose Florida Blue Medicare plans because they still worked with Baycare.

What to Know About Medicare Advantage Plans in St. Petersburg Florida

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Review some facts about Pinellas County Medicare from the census and CMS:

  • Estimated population in 2013: 929,048
  • Percentage of people 65 and older in 2012: 22.1
  • Number of Medicare Recipients: 225,337

This county has a large proportion of senior citizens compared to most Florida counties. That means the market for Medicare Advantage Plans in St. Petersburg Florida should be fairly competitive, and it might take some time for an average consumer to make a good comparison of different choices on their own.

Let Us Help You Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in St. Petersburg Florida

Florida Blue Medicare plans have been popular with many residents of St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. This highly rated company offers both Supplements, and Florida Medicare Advantage (MA) plans in the county and all over the state of Florida.

Two popular types of Florida Medicare Advantage plan include HMO and PPO plans. Both of these kinds of plans use a network to help members control costs. However, with an HMO you have to select a primary care provider and almost always use network health services. A PPO saves you the most money inside the network, but you can still get other services covered, and you do not need to select a primary care doctor or get referrals to see specialists. If you already have favorite doctors, hospitals, therapists, and other healthcare providers, you should check to be certain they work with the network of any plan you consider.

How to Find the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in St. Petersburg Florida

Let our professional and experienced agents guide you through the process of comparing different networks, and plans. Our goal is to find every client an affordable Medicare Advantage plan in Florida that ensures access to great health care.