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Medicare Advantage Plans in Tampa Bay, Florida

Are you turning 65 or already enrolled as a Medicare recipient in the Tampa Bay, Florida area? If so, you should compare different Medicare Advantage plans in Tampa, Florida and Medicare Supplement insurance to figure out which one suits your needs and budget better. Even though nobody can tell you which one is the best Medicare solution for everybody, you should be able to find the right Medicare Advantage Plan in Tampa Bay, Florida for you.

Do you need some help selecting a good Medicare Advantage Plan in Tampa Bay, Florida? Our experienced and professional agents are waiting to answer your questions and help you enroll.

Compare Florida Medicare Advantage Plans In Hillsborough County

Before considering your choices, it might be helpful to find some local facts about other Medicare recipients in this county. These figures are provided by CMS and the U.S. Census:

  • Total Medicare beneficiaries in the county: 199,714
  • Total percentage of county residents 65 or older: 12.4
  • Total County Population: 1,291,578

With almost 200,000 residents on Medicare, you are bound to find a lot of choices. However, even a quick comparison will probably reveal some plans that seem more attractive than others. Your final choice depends on your budget, health needs, and the types of doctors and hospitals you need.

Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans in Tampa Bay, Florida

Florida Blue used to go by the name of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, and this established insurer earned the trust of millions of Floridians over the state for providing different health insurance products. Florida Blue offers both Medicare Supplements and Florida Medicare Advantage plans, or MA, in Hillsborough County.

Supplements work with your original Medicare to cover medical services that are not fully covered under Part A and B. However, you can find different kinds of Medicare Advantage Plans in Tampa Bay, Florida, and these include:

  • PPO: These help control costs by encouraging members to use plan medical providers for the lowest costs and best benefits.
  • HMO: These also use a network of medical providers to save money, but plan members almost always have to use them to get services covered.

Typically, HMO plans cost less and provide higher coverage levels, but PPO plans give members a lot more choices about the doctors, hospitals, and other medical services they want to use.

To start shopping for the right Medicare Advantage Plan in Tampa Bay, Florida for your needs, you can use our handy quote form to request information. If you have some questions or would like help enrolling, give us a call at your earliest convenience. We want to help everybody in Tampa Bay get the right plan for their needs.