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Florida Medicare Supplement Plans for Disabled Under 65

As a disabled individual, you might be looking forward to securing a Medicare Supplement plan in Florida under age 65 so that you can get help with your health care expenses. Many people who are under 65 and on disability find that Medicare Parts A and B are incredibly helpful in covering medical bills, but you could still end up paying a significant amount out of pocket. Luckily, there are additional plans that you can look into that can help you enjoy more coverage.

Medicare and Disability Under age 65 in Florida Facts

Medicare coverage begins for disabled individuals 24 months after the first month that they get Social Security disability benefits. If you are interested in signing up for a Medicare Supplement plan in Florida under age 65 or Medicare Advantage plan, you do not have to wait until the traditional Open Enrollment period when you are new to Medicare.

Instead, you can sign up during the three-month period before receiving Medicare benefits, and you’reĀ under 65, your Medicare Supplement plan in Florida or Medicare Advantage coverage will start on the first day of the 25th month that you receive disability benefits. You can also choose to sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan in Florida if you’re under age 65 or Medicare Advantage plan for up to three months after receiving Medicare. If you decide to take this route, your new plan will start on the first day of the month following you signing up for a plan.

Another option that you may want to explore if you are under age 65 is Medicaid. Paid for by both state and federal money, Medicaid is designed to provide health coverage for low-income individuals and is typically an option for children, pregnant women and people on disability. You can apply for Medicaid through the Department of Children and Families. If you qualify, Medicaid and Medicare will work together to provide you with coverage.

Under 65 Medicare Supplement plan in Florida vs. Advantage Plan

If you are not going to be receiving Medicaid, you will probably want to gain some additional coverage through either a Florida Medicare Supplement Plan or Advantage plan. For a lot of individuals who are on Medicare, Florida Medicare Supplement Plan policies are a good choice to help fill in the gaps of things that Medicare does not cover, all while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of Medicare, such as being able to see your doctors without worrying about whether or not they are a part of your insurance company’s network.

However, even though a Florida Medicare Supplement plan might be a good choice for individuals who are over 65, if you are under age 65, you might find that these plans are more expensive. For a lot of individuals who rely on Medicare for their health care coverage but are not yet 65, Advantage plans are the more affordable options.

With an Advantage plan, you will not be covered by original Medicare anymore at all. Instead, your insurance will be through a private insurance company that is regulated by the government and required to provide certain elements of coverage.

When to Enroll

As mentioned above, if you plan on applying for a Medicare Supplement plan in Florida under age 65 or Advantage plan, you can do so in the three month period prior to receiving Medicare benefits or the three months after receiving Medicare benefits.

Later on, if you want to make changes to your policy, you will need to do so during the fall Open Enrollment period, which runs from October 15 through December 7. You can choose to switch back to Original Medicare during this period, or you can switch to another Advantage policy if you prefer.

We Can Help

If all of this seems a bit overwhelming to you, you should know that we can help. We can help you compare quotes and find the best rates on Florida Medicare Supplement Plan coverage from companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield to suit your needs. If you work with us today, we can help you find a Florida Blue Medicare policy that you can count on and that will work with your budget.